Now ChatGPT like AI on your wrist, How To Use?

Hello readers are you bored with the old Siri and want to experience a more faster and modern AI?

Now ChatGPT like AI on your wrist.

Apple users who want to experience ChatGPT like AI don’t need to carry bigger devices such as their smartphones or Mac as now they can access it in their own Apple watch. Petey-AI assistant a third party app will bring this cool feature for apple users.

This third party app also support text-to-speech feature which give user both the option of asking there queries and getting reply in speech form so that they don’t have to stare and read the answers on smaller display.

History and Pricing

Petey-AI was previously known as Watch-GPT but as the GPT name is trademarked by OpenAI so they had to rename it. The app is priced at USD 4.99(Rs. 412) but is worth buying since it can outsmart Siri.

App Description On App Store

“With Petey on your wrist ,you can easily access a vast source of knowledge and communicate with an intelligent computer in real-time .It’s likw having a personal assistant on your wrist”.

How To Use?

The user can simply open the app and use it .They get dual option to ask their questions, they can either ask it verbally or type it and the chatbot will respond in real time.       

To use the app with a single tap users can set Petey as a complication on the Apple watch face.

The app bring all the functionalities of chatbot such as generating texts, finding formatted information, answering questions , giving suggestions ,solving problems ,writing content and many more since it is based on ChatGPT.

So apple users who want a change from using their default AI Siri can experience Petey-AI and share their reviews with the developers.

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