Google AI: Automated Content Creation in Gmail, Docs, and Slides

Google often releases new versions or improvements to its various digital tools like Search, Maps, Gmail, and Docs. These tools are part of a larger group of products called Workspace, and are used widely by both professionals and students. Google is using generative AI to make it easier for people to create, connect and work together in Docs and Gmail. This is a new feature that will be available for users of Workspace.

What Tech Giant Says?

The tech giant said that it is rolling out the first set of AI-powered writing features in Docs and Gmail.

Google says that they have a lot of experience with AI and productivity, and they know that creating features using AI requires careful planning, testing, and taking feedback from users to make improvements.
Google will be testing new generative-AI features with a group of trusted users before making it available to everyone. This testing will happen throughout the year, and the features will be launched publicly after the testing is done.

Unleash Your Productivity with New Gmail, Docs, and Slides Features

  • In Gmail, artificial intelligence (AI) can help you write and respond to emails, summarize information, and prioritize messages.
  • In Docs, you can get help with generating ideas, checking for errors, writing, and revising various topics.
  • In Slides, you can use auto-generated images, audio, and video to help you bring your creative ideas to life.
  • In Sheets, new features will help upgrade your data from raw information to useful insights and analysis. These features include auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization.
  • In Meet, there is an AI-powered feature that can create new backgrounds and take notes for you.
  • In Chat, new features will help you get things done more efficiently by improving your workflow.

When this feature Introduce?

Google will introduce its latest features this month through a trusted tester program, beginning with users who speak English in the United States. After that, Google will continue to improve and refine the features before making them available to everyone, including consumers, small businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions in various countries and languages.

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