AI free course with certificate: Infosys announces a free AI training programme to provide many job opportunities.

Recently, Infosys announced a free AI training programme to help learners build their careers and develop skills to find the right job. The free AI course is available on the Infosys Springboard virtual learning platform, along with several other certification courses that offer a variety of AI-related topics.

These courses include an introductory course on AI and generative AI, which focuses on deep learning and natural language processing, and a masterclass on AI and the impact of generative AI.

According to Infosys, the company’s AI specialists and data strategists, who are responsible for delivering Infosys Topaz AI-focused services, solutions and platforms, will help design the curriculum for these courses. Their expertise will ensure that learners are equipped with future-ready skills.

AI free course with certificate

The certification programme offered on Infosys Springboard includes a wide range of courses covering various aspects of AI. Learners will have the opportunity to take introductory courses on AI and generative AI, with a focus on Deep Learning and natural language processing. In addition, there will be an advanced masterclass on AI that will explore the profound impact of generative AI on various industries.

Infosys Springboard, the virtual platform on which these classes will be held, offers a curriculum-rich learning experience. The platform is accessible from any device, providing flexibility and convenience for learners. In addition, Infosys Springboard promotes close collaboration between instructors and learners, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. The platform is aimed at a wide range of learners, from 6th grade students to lifelong learners, so everyone can benefit from this initiative at different stages of their educational journey.

About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing and next-generation services. With US$9.21 bn in LTM Q3 FY16 revenues and 193,000+ employees, we are helping enterprises renew themselves while also creating new avenues to generate value. We provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data, and cloud computing.


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