How To Download Call of Duty In Your Android Phone 2019

Hello friends, my name is Rohit, friends, through which post we are going to tell you how to download Call of Duty in your android phone Members if you are interactive from this post and you want to download Call of Duty in Android Phone so read this full article.

How To Download Call of Duty

Friends, as you know that App is available on the Play Store, but we are not able to download it. We have to register first, but after registering it is notified that you are eligible for it. Yes or No

So in this way you will be wasting a lot of time in downloading the Call of Duty but today I will tell you the way I am telling you the way, you will be able to download it very quickly and will be able to use it too.

Download Call of Duty On Android

To use friend call-of-duty, you will need two applications. Application of first call of duty. Second, the application of its activation, I will put the link of both of them. You will be able to download both by clicking alternately.

App Link – Click here

Activation Link – Click here

Step 1 – Since downloading since you have downloaded the file manager in your file manager, after installing the application, you have to go to File Manager again after you go to File Manager, Select Duty file

Step 2 : What you need to do after choosing the friend is to extract this thing. To extract, you have to click above the line 3 above the simplicity, after clicking on the selection, you will get an extract button. Start by clicking on it.

Call of Duty

Step 3 – Since then, you have to move the extracted file to your Android file. To move you select from you and click on the Move button. After that you have to go to Android phone, you will get an Obb file there. After opening it and opening it you have to move this file over there.

Call of Duty

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