Top 5 Best Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download 2019


5 Best Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download | Hello friends My name is Rohit. In today’s post we are talking about Antivirus For Android Phone Free Download Friends, if you want to secure your phone and you are very much about your phone’s Virus It is upset if you read this post from the beginning to the last. In this post, we will tell you 5 Best Antivirus For Android so that you can keep Q from your phone

Antivirus For Android Phone

Friends, today’s smartphone life is getting significantly reduced because many such applications are being launched in which there are many viruses, due to which our phone destroys the system, which makes our phone hang. Many problems arise with our phone, so friends can reduce the life of your phone if you do not clean your phone’s virus.

That’s why I thought that for you people I should tell you about the Antivirus For Android Phone so that you can clean your phone’s virus and you can accelerate your system’s speed and you can clean your storage. And you can increase your storage because friends, this virus only spoils the system of our phones and it also gets heavier on the storage, so many friends know About Best Antivirus For Android Phone

Clean Master

1. Clean Master : What is our number one application, Clean Master friends, many people will know which Clean Master application and many users will also be using this application but they do not know about them right functions. Because he does not use this application much

  • Junk Files – The Best Function Junk Files of Clean Master Application, from which you can delete a lot of waste files from your smartphone’s farm, besides this, you do not forget to use this function at all.
  • Phone Boost – Second Function of Clean Master Application is quite popular because almost people use this function because friends can delete the background data of your phone through this. What happens to friends often when our phone’s RAM is low it occurs
  • Often, in the phone, which is our RAM is around 1GB and in 1gb phone, if you use more applications, then your phone slow starts working, then by using this function you can accelerate the speed of your phone. Can
  • Antivirus – Friends, in this post we were talking about Antivirus, so this is the function of Antivirus so that you can clean your phone’s antivirus What happens many times in our phone application there is so many viruses that Affects our phone so that our phone starts hanging, then you can clean your virus by using this phone function.
  • App Manager: The Last Function App Manager is the Cleanest Master of Friends, so that you can keep from the application. You can put a password in your application. In addition, if your application uses your phone’s data more then you can use this function Through that application can convert to jeep so that it will remove the application completely from the background and clean your phone’s storage.

Files By Google

2. Files By Google : Files By Google Friends, as you know, every application on Google is quite popular and it is more popular than you can transfer to offline files. This application is basically made for Google only. If you have any files from Chrome browser You can clean them if you download

Files By Google Function

  • Clean Up Your Phone
  • Review Files Easily
  • Browse Files
  • Transfer Files Offline
  • Fast Transfer
  • Cloud Backup
  • Get The App

Virus Cleaner

3.Virus Cleaner 2019 : Virus Cleaner App is a very good application for virus cleaners because friends get a lot of advanced features in it. You can scan these viruses and remove them, as well as you can also turn on Real Time scanning from one Will be removing the real time virus by scanning

Virus Cleaner Function

  • Kill All Viruses
  • Scan Viruses
  • Farewell To Virus
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Lock Important Apps
  • Find Out Who
  • 1-Tap Boost
  • Remove Junk

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

4.Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus : I think this application is the most perfect for antivirus, it has a lot of function to clean the virus, and it also gets a lot of functionality to keep the phone as secure as you can lock the application in it. Apart from this, you can do a lot more than this

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Function

  • Internet Security
  • App Lock
  • New Side Menu
  • Anti Theft
  • Privacy Protection
  • Unwanted Calls
  • Surf The Web Safely

360 Security

5.360 Security : 360 Security Friends, this application is known only to us, why can we keep our Android phone completely through this application? Friends, it is true that this application has such a function so that we keep this phone secure You can also find your mobile if you lose your phone. Click here

360 Security Function

  • Boost
  • Clean
  • Antivirus
  • Lock Screen
  • Find My Phone
  • App Manager
  • Privacy
  • Call & Sms Filter

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